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Copia brings Git-based Version Control to Schneider® EcoStruxure™ Control Expert

Published on
August 2, 2022

If you use Schneider PLCs, you’ll be familiar with managing projects from EcoStruxure Control Expert (formerly Unity Pro).  Maybe you use an archive folder, with old project versions saved as backups alongside new ones, or maybe you use a version control software like Git, which lets you record changes with only one live version of your project to keep track of.  For a binary project format like Schneider’s native .STU files, neither of these options gives you much insight into what changed from one version to the next, or makes it easy to collaborate with multiple engineers working on the same project. 

Until now, that is.

Ladder Logic from a Schneider Control Expert project, rendered in Copia

Copia now supports Schneider project files (.STU, .ZEF, .XEF), bringing Git to Schneider users, with granular commits. This gives specific context into changes made between project versions by any teammate, and enables multi-user workflows with powerful tools for code reviews, like Rung Commenting.

Rung Comment left during a code review on a Control Expert project in Copia

These tools all work together to enable greater collaboration than was ever possible before with Schneider PLC programming.

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