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Better Version Control and Backup Strategies for Industrial Automation Projects
11:00 am

Join the upcoming webinar:

Introduction to Git-based Version Control for PLCs

December 2nd, 2021
1pm EST

Modern workflows that drive efficiency

Tailor-built for controls and automation engineers, Copia enables modern DevOps practices to be used in PLC programming, streamlining how industrial machinery is commissioned and operated, resulting in faster delivery and maximized uptime.

Shorten timelines

Copia brings Git functionality to industrial automation, enabling multiple engineers to work on a project simultaneously, and helps prevent delays due to code mishaps.

Improve quality

With Copia, you can quickly understand the context of why changes were made. Copia brings consistency to your team's development workflows and simplifies code reviews to maintain high quality.

Maximize uptime

Copia helps ensure that the correct version of your project is deployed while allowing you to quickly revert to the last known good version in case of unplanned downtime.

Trusted by leaders in automation

"...Copia is fantastic!

I’m really enjoying using it and it has helped my teams improve their workflows and efficiency."
Jay L.
Staff Automation Controls Engineer, Rivian
"Copia provides visibility to my entire team’s work and gives rich context into any change.

It easily saves us 2-3 hours of work per engineer per week."
Nicholas B.
Controls Engineering Manager, KAMP Automation
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DMC Senior Engineers Reclaim up to 8 Hours/Week with Copia

Learn how DMC leverages Copia to reclaim up to 8 hours per week for its senior engineers, increase quality, and ensure that project changes are documented throughout its lifecycle.
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Plans for teams of all sizes

Copia is perfect for system integrators, machine designers, and in-house operations teams.
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