Distribution & Materials Handling

Gain deeper insight into your industrial code to optimize distribution lines across your operation.

New Case Study

Amazon Uses Copia to Connect 500+ PLCs.

Learn how Amazon uses Copia to connect 500+ PLCs at 13 sites and expect to cut PLC-Driven Downtime by 80% while improving high-severity response time by 25%.

Seamless version control

Gain visibility and control into your PLC code by automatically tracking all code changes. Eliminate the need for multiple file versions, copying and pasting, and renaming files — and replace it with a single source of truth for easy collaboration, context, and trouble shooting.

Effortless code merge

Easily merge multiple code files together, allowing your entire to team to collaborate on development without overwriting important code. Avoid wasting time manually rewriting merged files and get the right code to production faster.

“High-severity issue resolution time is expected to improve by 25 percent or more by having proper change history and file backups."

Easy code review

Avoid costly downtime with effective code review, making sure you can meet the demands of production while maintaining oversight over code updates. Ditch the pen and paper and review code with your entire team from one established source of truth.

Copia works seamlessly with your existing PLC programming environment, including:

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