Data Protection

Scheduled or on-demand, DeviceLink backs up the control programs running on your factory floor. All historical backups are accessible from one central location, so you can quickly recover with the best version.

Change Detection & Notification

DeviceLink detects when there are program modifications at the machine level, proactively notifying you in-app or via email. You can set filters to focus on the changes that warrant concern.

Improved Visibility

DeviceLink utilizes Copia’s Git-based source control, visually displaying code and highlighting differences between backups. You can easily investigate the changes to determine if they were unauthorized, and merge legitimate changes into future development streams.

“Regardless of how much equipment we're managing, and how many sites that equipment is spread across, DeviceLink shows us all the live control code in one place. We always have up-to-date restore points in case of failures and are proactively alerted to unauthorized changes.”

Kellen Murray

Founder, Konductive

How DeviceLink works

The lightweight DeviceLink agent installs on your manufacturing network where backups can be scheduled and run.

Once the data is pulled from the device, DeviceLink then communicates with the Copia servers via outbound HTTPS, and the backups become managed with Copia’s Git-based source control.

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