Gain increased visibility and control into your operational technology

The platform manufacturing leaders trust

Industrial automation leaders trust Copia

Get unparalleled visibility into OT

Avoid surprises and errors due to outdated code. Know that the code running on your operational technology is the right code.
Build a repository of all your code to easily implement on new manufacturing lines.
Your industrial automation starts with your engineering team. Give them the best view into their work with code review, code merge, and version control.

Eliminate downtime caused by industrial code errors

Easily mitigate the risk of code-based downtime.
Quickly restore working code to get operations back up and running without delay.
Get up-to-the-moment change notifications for enhanced visibility and control.

Best-in-class collaboration

Review code before it goes live to eliminate unexpected errors.
Multi-vendor support provides enterprise-wide visibility, no matter what PLC’s you use.
Tear down silos to enable next-level optimization.

Copia works seamlessly with your existing PLC programming environment, including:

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