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Git for
industrial automation

Copia Source Control

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Streamline PLC development increasing team collaboration, productivity, and code quality
Unlimited repositories
Displays Ladder, FBD, and Structured Text
Change highlighting
Unlimited read seats
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Device backup and
change detection


Requires Copia's Git-based
Source Control
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Back up source code directly from automation devices
User-defined schedules
Unlimited storage
Change notification in-app and via email
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Product Features
Copia Source
Copia Source Control + DeviceLink
Unlimited Repositories
Create as many repositories as you need
Full Git Functionality
Track all files using commit, push/pull, pull requests, branching and merging, etc
Access Control
Set granular user permissions controlling access and activities
Rendering of PLC Languages
Visually display Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagrams, and Structured Text of supported vendors
Change Highlighting
Easily see differences between version of files
Issue Tracking
Keep track of issues, enhancements, and bugs for your projects
Inline Code Review
Add comments at the exact rung or line of code to streamline code review and collaboration
Repository Level Wiki
Document each project with rich content to scale collaboration and improve the sharing of critical information
Business App Integrations
Connects to Slack®, Microsoft Teams®, Jira®, Discord®, and other common applications
Unlimited Read Users
Read only users can see code commits, diffs, and comment on pull requests
SSO Security
Increases security and simplifies user management
Ensures customer success
Email and
Device Backup
Back up control code directly from active devices, using a schedule or on-demand
Unlimited Backup Storage
Store as many backups and versions of code as you see fit
Change Detection and Notification
Detect if code has been changed since the last backup and be alerted in-app or via email
Customizable File Lists and Filters
Configure the exact data you want to include/exclude in a backup, or during compare
Custom Backup Scripting
Automate user-defined tasks using device supported APIs
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