Proven version control

Copia’s Git-based version control increases file accessibility and streamlines workflows. Automation professionals spend less time searching for files, reviewing code and code changes, and resolving issues.

All changes are tracked automatically eliminating the need to copy, paste, and rename files.
Rich contextual information provides clarity on why changes were made and when.
Troubleshooting and recovery is simple with complete project history automatically maintained.

Powerful collaboration

Copia enables teams to work concurrently on the same project with powerful branching and merging capabilities, accelerating development and ensuring aggressive deadlines are met.

Teams always work with the latest files and never overwrite each other's work.
Contributors can work using local files (without a persistent internet connection) and merge later.
Projects can be easily shared with vendors and customers using secure links and granular permissions.

Accelerated code review

Copia renders ladder logic, function block diagram, and structured text, both within its desktop and browser app. All changes are clearly highlighted for quick and thorough code review.

Visual diffing with comments ensures easy comparison between project versions.
Reviewers no longer need to download and open files within the original development environment when viewing code.
Approval workflows can be defined to ensure all changes are complete and authorized.

Use with DeviceLink™ to automatically back up control devices and detect program changes on the factory floor

Flexible deployment options

Copia-managed cloud

Hosted on AWS, Copia’s standard plans take less than 10 minutes to set up and adopt. To get started, users simply need to create an organization and download our desktop app.

Repositories can be created immediately. Users of Copia’s cloud plans enjoy immediate access to the latest enhancements and have the confidence that their data is fully secure and encrypted at rest and in flight.

Self Hosted Cloud

For enterprise customers, Copia offers the option to self-host on AWS and Azure.

Regularly published bug fixes and feature updates will be provided as part of the annual contract.

“Copia is fantastic! I’m really enjoying using it and it has helped my teams improve their workflows and efficiency."

Jay L.

Staff Automation Controls Engineer, Rivian

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