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Announcing B&R Automation Studio Support!

Published on
June 14, 2023

Enhanced visualization capabilities for LAD, FBD & SFC now available!

Copia is thrilled to announce the addition of B&R Automation Studio as a supported vendor, enabling graphical display and differences for Ladder Diagrams (LAD), Sequential Function Charts (SFC), and Function Block Diagrams (FBD) within the Copia web and desktop apps.

Reaching another significant milestone in our expansive vendor list, we are proud to bring the power of Copia to B&R users. Now, users can get the full benefits of Git version control for Automation Studio versions 4.11 - 12, gaining a clearer understanding of modifications made to their projects, fostering streamlined workflows, improved collaboration, and minimized errors. 

B&R FBD in Copia
B&R Function Block Diagram (FBD) visualized in Copia

Graphical display and differences: 

With Copia Automation's rendering capabilities for LAD (.ld files), FBD (.fbd files), and SFC (.sfc files), users can now visualize their B&R projects seamlessly. Visual representation of changes makes it easier to identify and understand the reasoning behind each commit. 

B&R Ladder Diagram shown in Copia
B&R Ladder Diagram (LAD) visualized in Copia

Benefits of Copia for B&R users:

The application of Copia Automation's capabilities for B&R Automation Studio offers numerous advantages to engineers and automation teams, including:

  1. Improved Collaboration: better collaboration among team members, allowing for more effective communication and understanding of project changes.
  2. Time Savings: quickly and easily identifying code changes across different project files streamlines the review process, reducing the time required for project validation and debugging.
  3. Error Minimization: helps prevent errors and ensures the accuracy of projects in development.
  4. Streamlined Workflows: standardizes and simplifies processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

B&R SFC visualized in Copia
B&R Sequential Function Chart (SFC) visualized in Copia

The introduction of Copia’s capabilities for B&R Automation Studio projects marks another significant milestone for Copia Automation. Automation teams using B&R can now realize the full benefits of Copia, empowering them to streamline their review process, save valuable time, and minimize errors. Our continued commitment to advancing functionality and improving collaboration paves the way for more efficient and productive project development in industrial automation.

Read the full documentation here.

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