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Now Added: Rockwell SFC Support!

Published on
July 21, 2023

Rockwell Studio 5000 SFC is now supported!

Now, Copia officially supports all of the programming languages that can be used on these devices.

It is our pleasure to announce that Copia now supports Rockwell Studio 5000 Sequential Function Chart (SFC) language, providing the ability to visualize, compare and analyze SFCs. With this new feature, you can view your SFC routines in the Copia desktop or web app, see changes highlighted (vis diffs), and view or add comments directly on the SFC diagram for code review and pull request processes.

studio 5000 sfc rendered with changes highlighted in Copia

Our team has continued their unceasing work to deliver advanced support for more vendors and IEC languages in our mission to be fully vendor-agnostic and provide the modern tools for users to streamline code development and review processes. Stay tuned for more! 

More information is available in our product documentation.