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Copia Automation | New Releases and Features

Copia Automation
May 31, 2022

Over the last few months, Copia has been rapidly maturing, with an aggressive roadmap to expand support and improve our product.  Here are some of our recent updates you should know about.

New Features:

  • Function Block Diagram (FBD) support

Copia users developing in Siemens TIA Portal and/or Rockwell Automation Studio 5000 can now see their FBD code rendered alongside other project items, like tag lists, and Ladder Diagram programs, tasks and routines.

Function Block Diagram sheet from Rockwell Automation Studio 5000 project, rendered in Copia
  • Checkout feature

Copia’s new checkout feature allows users to revert the state of their repository to any previous commit, enabling them to recover any previous version of any tracked file.

Commit History in Copia's Desktop App, showing 'Checkout Commit' option in the context menu
  • Siemens TIA Portal Auto-Archive

TIA Portal projects from any supported version of Siemens TIA Portal can now be used in their native .apXX format, without the need to archive to a .zapXX file, or to use Siemens built-in Version Control Interface (VCI). Once Auto-Archive is enabled, simply place the entire project folder into a Copia repository, and Copia will automatically archive your project in the background. This means that all it takes to use Copia with TIA Portal projects is to edit and save the project to your repository normally, with Ctrl+S or File->Save, and then commit normally from Copia.

Auto-Archive feature setting in the Advanced Options menu in Copia's Desktop App
  • Single Sign On (SSO)

Enterprise-tier Copia customers can now utilize Copia’s Single Sign On with SAML, which allows users to log into Copia via any SAML identity provider (e.g. Google, Okta, Shibboleth)

Copia's Web App login screen, with SSO login highlighted

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Copia now offers users the option to enroll in 2FA using any authentication app for enhanced account security

Two-Factor Authentication enrollment prompt

Updated Vendor Support:

  • Beckhoff TwinCAT v3

Graphical rendering of files and diffs

Beckhoff TwinCAT v3 project rendered in Copia's Desktop App
  • Rockwell Automation Studio 5000 v34

Supported Versions now v28-v34

  • Siemens TIA Portal v14 SP1

Supported Versions now v14 SP1 - v17

  • Lenze PLC Designer v3.24.0

Graphical rendering of files and diffs

Lenze PLC Designer v3.24.0 project rendered in Copia's Desktop App
  • Wago e!COCKPIT v1.10

Graphical rendering of files and diffs

Wago e!COCKPIT v1.10 project rendered in Copia's Web App

UI Updates:

  • Rockwell Automation Studio 5000 Ladder Diagram rendering update

Copia users programming in Studio 5000 will find that their Ladder Diagram logic now more closely resembles the appearance of the logic in Studio 5000.

Rockwell Automation Studio 5000 project shown in Copia's web app with its updated rendering style

  • Project Tree Sidebar behavior improved

The sidebar showing project elements on the left side of Copia’s rendering window can now be resized, to more easily view both the project tree and the rendered logic, tags, and other project items.

Miscellaneous updates:

  • Updated Documentation

Copia’s documentation has been revamped and expanded, and is now searchable.

  • Email notification update

New email response for bug reports and feature requests


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