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Copia Automation Raises $16.4M to Bring DevOps Efficiencies to Industrial Automation

Published on
October 5, 2021

NEW YORK, Oct. 5, 2021 – Industrial automation software developer Copia Automation today announced it has secured a Series A investment of $14.2M led by Lux Capital, with follow-on investment from Construct Capital and participation from Ironspring Ventures. This latest round builds on existing $2.2M in seed funding led by Construct Capital with participation from Lux Capital and Liquid 2 Ventures. Bilal Zuberi, Partner at Lux Capital, will join Copia’s board alongside Dayna Grayson from Construct Capital.

Copia Automation brings modern DevOps to industrial automation, specifically the coding of Programmable Logic Controllers or PLCs - the computerized brains behind today’s complex manufacturing machines. At the center of the $168bn industrial control systems market, PLCs drive manufacturing automation in almost all industrial verticals such as automotive, electronics, food & beverage, and consumer goods. DevOps tools built directly for industrials have the potential to drive global improvements in efficiency and reliability.

“Traditional software developers have experienced a significant improvement in efficiency and speed of innovation by embracing DevOps practices. Controls and automation engineers have not seen the same gains due to the constraints of their specialized toolsets,” explains Copia CEO Adam Gluck. “Copia unlocks these benefits and is easy to adopt and use. It accelerates timelines and maximizes the operational uptime of automation systems that power manufacturing.”

Copia’s product offering enables robust Git-based source control with direct support for the PLC programming environments of Siemens®, Rockwell Automation®, and CODESYS®. All files are centrally stored with their complete history recorded, so engineers clearly know when and why a change was made.

“DMC consistently invests in engineering process efficiency for our global team, which is critical for us to drive more value to our customers,” says John Sullivan, Project Director at DMC Engineering. "Copia provides a unique benefit as a tool that is tailor-made for control engineers, and enables workflows that previously were impossible for most automation teams.”
Copia PLC code visual differences in a browser
PLC code is rendered and viewable directly in the Copia web or desktop app
“Applying DevOps principles to industrial automation is long overdue, and we are excited to support Copia Automation in leading the charge,” says Bilal Zuberi of Lux Capital. “Today’s manufacturers are facing workforce shortages, supply chain challenges, and increased demand, putting new pressure on organizations responsible for building our industrial base. We believe Copia is introducing a novel solution, right when it is needed most.”

Copia Automation will use these investments to scale its sales and marketing efforts and continue to enhance the core capabilities of its products.