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DeviceLink™ Now Supports Siemens Step7 TIA Portal

Copia Automation
March 20, 2023

Copia Automation now offers automatic backup capabilities for Siemens Step7 TIA Portal projects through DeviceLink™.

Single and multi-station projects, v15.1 through v18, are supported.

With DeviceLink, control teams can easily back up their PLCs, robotics, network switches, and other control devices either on a defined schedule or on demand. Once initialized, DeviceLink continuously monitors the devices for changes and records all updates. Using Copia's Git-based source control, users can view the changes between versions and merge device-level edits into development branches to ensure they are incorporated into future code releases.

DeviceLink directly supports Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Beckhoff, CODESYS, and Fanuc devices. Additionally, it can utilize FTP and custom scripting to provide comprehensive backup for the factory floor. For more information on Copia Automation's DeviceLink, please click here.

DeviceLink Job Status Dashboard
DeviceLink's Job Status Dashboard


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