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Join our upcoming webinar:

Applying DevOps Strategies to PLC Version Control and Device Backup: Intro to Copia
11:00 am

Join the upcoming webinar:

Introduction to Git-based Version Control for PLCs

December 2nd, 2021
1pm EST

DevOps tools built for controls and automation engineers

Git-Based Source Control

Track all code changes with context
Visually see differences between versions
Accelerate review processes
Enable engineers to work simultaneously on the same codebase
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DeviceLink™: Automatic Backup

Automatically back up running control programs
Visualize the data in one central location
Detect any unauthorized changes
Visually compare code for quick troubleshooting and recovery
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Shorten timelines, reduce errors, and increase code quality

Copia standardizes processes, streamlining how industrial machinery is commissioned and operated.


Copia drives quality by enabling teams to capture issues earlier in the development lifecycle and better leverage team expertise.


Copia breaks the one engineer-to-a-project paradigm, enabling teams to apply talent where and when it’s needed most. Engineers can easily move between projects and work simultaneously on the same code base.


Copia provides visibility into when code changes and why. The last working version is instantly available to accelerate recovery during operational disruptions.

Industrial automation leaders trust Copia

“When leading multiple projects, our senior engineers are saving up to a day a week, because of the faster code reviews. Plus, we're reviewing more frequently. We're catching more mistakes before they get deployed or tested.”
John Sullivan
Project Director, DMC

Copia works seamlessly with your existing PLC programming environment, including:

New Case Study

DMC Senior Engineers Reclaim up to 8 Hours/Week with Copia

Learn how DMC leverages Copia to reclaim up to 8 hours per week for its senior engineers, increase quality, and ensure that project changes are documented throughout its lifecycle.
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Plans for teams of all sizes

Copia is perfect for system integrators, machine designers, and in-house operations teams.

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