Regularly backing up data protects vital files and minimizes disruptions. Backups safeguard against human errors, hardware failures, malicious attacks, power outages, and natural disasters. Ultimately they save time and money when failures occur. New tools streamline backup processes by automatically and frequently retrieving files directly from control devices. Copia’s DeviceLink is one such tool. Combined with its Git-based source control, it not only retrieves and stores files but also detects, notifies, and visually displays any changes.

Tech Guide

Modern Backup Strategies for Industrial Automation

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What You'll Learn

This guide provides valuable insights and practical tips on implementing modern backup methods for PLCs and control devices. You will learn:

  • Potential risks of data loss and system failures due to hardware damage, cyber threats, and human error.
  • Limitations of manual device backup methods and the challenges they present.
  • How new tools automate the backup process, capturing frequent and up-to-date restore points.
  • Best practices for alerting teams of unauthorized changes and recording approved changes into future development streams.

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