In this webinar, our VP of Marketing, Darren Henry, will present an introduction to Copia and Git-based version control for PLCs, followed by a live product demo from our Technical Marketing Manager, Vaughn Varma. Copia brings the power of Git to PLC programming, enabling powerful version control, simultaneous collaboration, and enhanced visibility in an easy-to-adopt and use web and desktop app.


Introductory Webinar: Using Git for PLCs to Increase Efficiency and Improve Quality

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What You'll Learn

You'll discover:

  • Git version control and how Copia brings its benefits to PLC programming (don't worry, you don't need to know Git to use Copia!)
  • The advantages of adopting modern workflows vs. outdated, impractical, and unreliable methods like copy/paste/rename with archive folders
  • How embracing proven best-practices helps increase efficiency, shorten timelines, and improve quality across your PLC projects

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