Copia + Amazon Industrial DevOps Partnership

Amazon continues to partner with Copia to gain unparalleled visibility and control of their industrial automation code across multiple vendor devices. Schedule time below to learn how you can leverage Copia and Amazon's partnership.

The Problem

Since Amazon uses a wide range of equipment across multiple PLC manufacturers, frequent code changes and manual backups can cause variability throughout the network. This means it can be hard to identify proper code.  Amazon engineers reported difficulty to identify proper code and do effective code review.

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Copia's Solution

Since 2022, Copia Automation has been helping Amazon manage their operational technology. Its cloud-based Copia Industrial DevOps Platform empowers companies with unparalleled visibility and control of code across multi-vendor devices to promote continuous quality control, streamlined production, and preemptive crisis management


After a successful PoC, Amazon expanded their use of Copia to over 500 PLCs at 22 sites. Moving forward Amazon expects Copia will help them to cut PLC Driven Downtime by 80% and improve high severity response time by 25%.

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Copia works seamlessly with your existing PLC programming environment, including:

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