Source Control Support for Siemens Step 7 5.x is now available

Published on
January 10, 2024

Copia now provides Source Control support for Siemens Step7 5.x, allowing Copia users to easily visualize their ladder logic while providing a complete git-based source control experience in the cloud. This makes it easier than ever for users to track changes and view revision histories.

What does this mean for Copia users?

  • Auto-archive allows a single file to be selected in the Copia client. This is similar to Siemens Step 7 TIA Portal. Prior to committing, Copia will automatically archive the data into the .zip format respectively. This saves time and manual steps by providing quick access to the single archive, with full graphical navigation of project contents.
  • Graphical display lets you easily navigate to a project item or identify differences. When the archived project file is selected in the web or desktop app, Copia displays the project tree structure in a way that's familiar to users of the Siemens IDE.
  • Code commenting for review enhances the code review process. Copia supports code commenting for Siemens Step7 5.x files for both graphical ladder and text formatted languages, enhancing the code review process once someone generates a pull request to merge a branch. During the review process, users can add comments directly to the supported parts of the code.

We hope these new features will help users get the most out of their Step7 projects. Read more in our documentation, and schedule time with our team if you’d like speak further.

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