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Siemens + Copia: Easier Than Ever with Auto-Archive

Published on
May 6, 2022

It has never been easier to bring the power of Git to your Siemens TIA Portal projects; with Copia’s Auto-Archive feature, leave manual archiving *and* the Version Control Interface behind for good.

Once enabled, you can save your project normally, and Copia will render your project immediately, with no extra steps

The change list shows an archived .zap17 file, but only the original .ap17 is saved in the repository

To enable Auto-Archive in Copia’s Desktop App, select File->Options->Advanced, ensure “Enable Auto-Archiving Feature” is checked, and then click “Save”.

Advanced Options menu showing Auto-Archive setting

When migrating a Siemens TIA Portal project into Copia, simply drag and drop the entire project folder into your repository.  That’s it! You can now work on and save your project like normal, with Copia at your back to record your changes.