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Connecting PLC Programming to Your Favorite Business Apps

Published on
August 3, 2022

It is common for today’s software developers to connect their Git-based development environments to the business applications they use daily.

They get notifications in Slack or Microsoft Teams when pull requests are approved. They link commits to Jira tickets to track the work related to planned enhancements or bug fixes. In fact, they can automate any desired process when critical development milestones are reached. These types of integrations keep teams apprised of changes and issues, enabling them to improve collaboration and drive agility.

Copia is enabling the same connectivity for industrial automation professionals. Copia’s Git-based version control can display the visual languages of PLC programming and can now be connected via webhooks to applications including Jira, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and even Discord. Additionally, an integration to Zapier empowers events to spawn complex workflows in virtually any other modern software.  

Users can customize which events trigger webhooks at the repository or branch level. Events can include the creation of a branch or issue, a Git push to a repository, or a pull request being opened, commented on, or closed.

Copia users can define which development activities trigger a webhook.

Once defined, these activities can send real-time notifications to teams using their favorite communication tools or execute other actions via Zapier.

By including the Jira issue key in a branch name, users can easily keep track of development across all related branches, right from your Jira project board.

The new integration with Slack enables real-time notifications when teammates push code changes to the central repository.

These new integrations are another example of how Copia Automation drives effective convergence between IT, business, and operations within organizations. Now, teams can track the progress of automation projects from their most commonly used tools, empowering them to focus on higher-value tasks to improve quality and shorten project timelines.

Copia supports Rockwell Automation® Studio 5000 Logix Designer®, Siemens® TIA Portal, CODESYS®, WAGO® e!COCKPIT, Lenze® PLC Designer, Beckhoff® TwinCAT®, ABB® Automation Builder, and Schneider Electric® EcoStruxure™ Control Expert and is constantly expanding support and integrations - view our complete documentation here.  

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