Thermo Fisher + Copia Automation

Take control of your operational technology with the only Thermo Fisher approved Industrial DevOps tool.

Keep up with the pace of your business

When you're manufacturing life-saving technology, preventing downtime is crucial. But it can be difficult to feel confident that the right code is always running and properly backed-up when you rely on manual processes. With vulnerabilities like that in place, it keeps operations from running at maximum efficiently.

How are you ensuring that operations stay up and running as efficiently as possible?

Copia's solution

Copia's cloud-based Industrial DevOps Platform empowers companies with unparalleled visibility and control of code across multi-vendor devices to promote continuous quality control, streamlined production, and preemptive crisis management.

Copia was recently approved by Thermo Fisher to be a recommended vendor for Thermo Fisher plants. Are you ready to leverage Industrial DevOps to benefit your business?

Copia works seamlessly with your existing PLC programming environment, including:

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