DMC, a leading system engineering company, has decades of experience managing industrial automation projects. Familiar with SVN and Git, DMC recognized early that good source control practices unlock greater productivity for its engineers. They immediately saw value in Copia Automation. Now, as demand for industrial automation is at an all-time high, DMC uses Copia Automation to accelerate PLC workflows as well as the onboarding of new hires and efficiently leveraging the expertise of senior engineers.

Case Study

DMC Senior Engineers Reclaim up to 8 Hours/Week with Copia

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What You'll Learn

In this case study, you will learn how DMC leverages Copia to:

  • Reclaim up to 8 hours per week for its senior engineers by drastically accelerating the design review process
  • Increase quality by reviewing code more frequently and thoroughly
  • Ensure that project changes are documented throughout its lifecycle, addressing the “10 year problem” of ongoing support

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