Code Review For
Rockwell Automation Users

Compare, Version, and Merge your PLC Code for Rockwell Automation Projects

Seamless Version Control

- Automatically track code changes to your Allen Bradley PLCs
- No need for multiple file versions, copy and pasting, and renaming files
- A single source of truth for your code allows for easy collaboration, context, and trouble shooting
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Effortless Code Merge

- The most user friendly tool designed to merge Studio 5000 code
- Seamlessly integrate multiple code versions
- No need to manually rewrite code to merge

Easy Code Review

- The only automated code review solution for Rockwell Automation
- Easily view the differences between code versions
- Accelerated code review for faster development
- Ditch the pen and paper and review code with your entire team from one established source of truth

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DeviceLink provides direct support for:

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In addition, DeviceLink supports FTP and custom scripting to extend its backup capabilities to any device.

“Regardless of how much equipment we're managing, and how many sites that equipment is spread across, DeviceLink shows us all the live control code in one place. We always have up-to-date restore points in case of failures and are proactively alerted to unauthorized changes.”
Kellen Murray
Founder, Konductive

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