Initial Siemens Support

June 21, 2021

Copia now has initial support for Siemens projects (currently in alpha)! We are still working on improving rendering, diffing and expanding the set of supported extensions. Check in a Siemens project today and feel free to send us feedback as we work to improve Siemens support.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved disambiguation in desktop app: If you have multiple checkouts of the same repository (for instance, to make use of multiple branches simultaneously) the Desktop app will show the directory name of the checkout.
  • Improved error messages for locked files: Often if you attempt to pull or switch branches with a project file open, the operation will fail. The Desktop app will now detect this situation and suggest closing open project files.
  • Email Notifications: We now send email notifications for Review Requests, Mentions and other events. You can adjust your notification preferences by visiting Settings > Account and choosing to decrease or disable email notifications.
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